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Mr. Fred’s Waterless believes a shift to a clean, green economy can improve the health and well-being of low-income people, who suffer disproportionately from cancer, asthma and other respiratory ailments in our current pollution-based economy. Such a shift from the conventional way you clean your vehicle to the Waterless way can also create and expand entrepreneurial, wealth-building opportunities for American workers who need new avenues of economic advance.

In other words: we believe that a local effort to curb global warming, water conservation and oil dependence can simultaneously create well-paid green-collar jobs, safer streets and healthier communities. By advocating for local, state and federal commitment to job creation, job training, and entrepreneurial opportunities in the emerging green economy – especially for people from disadvantaged communities – Mr. Fred’s Waterless fights both poverty and pollution at the same time.


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What We Do...

To realize our vision of an inclusive green economy, Mr. Fred’s Waterless will: Link activists and advocates, organizations, policy makers, practitioners, and business, labor, and community leaders together in dialogue to advance the vision of a green economy that benefits all Americans.

  • Lift public awareness on the potential of green-collar jobs to transform the economy, curb global warming, and build pathways out of poverty.
  • Leverage best green practices and policy into model programs and legislation that can be adopted at the state or local level.
  • Provide technical assistance to mayors and community groups to implement local green-collar job initiatives; and build a local community of practice to convene thought-leaders and share leading program models, technical documents and templates.
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What Is Acid Rain ???

Manufacturing plants, power-generating plants, internal combustion engines, jet engines, etc. all produce sulfuric dioxides, which are released in their exhaust fumes. Smog, well known in major cities, contains these chemicals. When smog settles on the paint surface of your vehicles it is known as industrial fallout, or IFO. When ozone, water and heat are applied to IFO it becomes acid rain, right on the paint's surface.

  • The paintwork on your VEHICLES will make or break your resale value.
  • Washing your VEHICLES with water really just pushes around dirt and makes thousands of scratches on your VEHICLES top coat.
  • Waterless Cleaning with our patented products is the only way to keep your VEHICLES clean in areas with water restrictions.