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Have you heard or seen the revolutionary new way to wash, and polish your car, boat, motorbike, or any other metal, glass, or painted surface! It’s a totally water free waterless washing and polishing system. Mr. Fred’s Waterless Wash ‘n’ Wax  is a remarkable new trademark product set to revolutionize the way we clean and polish our cars and motorcycles, in the same way that computers changed the way we communicate with one another.

Mr. Fred’s Waterless has launched a product that water companies, environmentalists, and city dwellers could only imagine to be possible. A spray, not an aerosol, which lifts dirt and grime from any painted surface, be it a car, motorcycle, yacht, or airplane, which is then wiped off, leaving a cleaned and polished surface. The product uses no water (other than that in the compound) and puts no harmful surfactants (soap suds and brake dust) down the drains, and into the water system. In California for example, the washing of any detergents from vehicle cleaning into the water system is forbidden, and these types of restrictions will evolve further as the demands of modern life place a growing pressure upon our water systems.

Complete Detail

Complete Interior Shampoo, Clay & Reseal Exterior

Regular Autos - $125.00

Mini Detail

Wipe Down Interior, Clay & Reseal Exterior

Regular Autos - $75.00

Wash and Handwax

Wipe Down Interior, Wash & Handwax Exterior

Regular Autos - $29.95

All Mr. Fred's Services Include

Vacuum . Windows . Wheels . Chrome . Door Jams